The Wild Panther Collection

In tribute to the free and wild panther of Africa,
we imagine a collection that has its source in African lands.

Rooibos Wild Panther
A new flavor in our T collection.
This Rooibos creation takes us on a deep, wild and tender journey of taste.
The first aromas are woody, with powerful scents of wild brambles
and elderberry reminding us of the red soil of Africa.
The journey continues with red fruit bringing
a very special sweetness to this wild side.
This tea without theine is enjoyed throughout the day, even in the evening.

Box of 100g leaf tea : 28€
Box of 20 tea bags : 27€




Bougie Wild Panther
With powerful, sensual and magnetic scents of oud,
our Wild Panther candle reveals itself as a fiery animal.
As a ritual, this winter scent will embellish our home with a velvet skin.


The Wild Panther collection is available from 22 November 2018
Thé&Beauté by Ladurée store
232 rue de Rivoli Paris 1er