The Legends Collection

There are certain figures who transcend time and never cease to influence us.
This new Legends collection is inspired by the famous men and women
whose stories have made them true icons.

With their style, elegance and creative genius,
they have endured throughout the ages and left behind a precious and peerless heritage.
The Thé&Beauté by Ladurée brand pays tribute to them with a collection of teas,
tea jellies and scented candles, like a delectable journey to delight the senses.

This collection is presented in a beautiful gift box.

As a precious jewelry box,
it can be filled with tea boxes, candles and tea jelly.
An exceptional gift.

Price on demand.

A bucolic stroll through a secret garden where time stands still.
The mind wanders in melancholic reverie, capturing the very essence of nature.
It reveals the everlasting emotion of a young queen enamoured with freedom and beauty.
A very elegant, light and fresh floral trail lingers in its wake.
An ode to a queen.

  A sumptuous bouquet of peony,
rose and jasmine forming a plethora of scented flowers suffused with surprising emotion.

This black tea, a fusion of rose, raspberry and pear,
evokes harvests in the Queen’s garden.
Enjoy it with a dessert at any time in the afternoon.

Box of 100g leaf tea : €23
Box of 20 tea bags : €22

As a tribute to Louis XIV, we are in the company of a majestic king of immortal greatness.
This collection evokes the scent of a château with unchanging decoration,
an extraordinary place where the ordinary is eschewed, leaving only wonderful things
which the flourishing promise has built the History of France. 

  Its opulent fragrance is a blend of nutmeg,
cedar, vetiver and tonka bean.

This dazzling black tea combines vanilla,
honey and orange blossom.
Enjoy all day long.

Box of 100g leaf tea : €23
Box of 20 tea bags : €22

This collection transports us through a hidden door
into the inner world of Madame de Pompadour.
Delicate and light, she welcomes us into her salon with a cup of tea.
In her image, unexpected, joyful and refined,
this collection evokes the scented memory of an extraordinary,
beautiful, intelligent and cultivated woman.

  A gentle scented trail of violet, iris,
bergamot and blackcurrant,
bolstered by cashmere wood and musk.

Surprising and unsettling, this slightly peppery black tea fuses the sweetness of rose, raspberry and lychee.

Box of 100g leaf tea : €23
Box of 20 tea bags : €22



This collection takes us on a journey in the shadow of a royal lady,
one who will always be a Mademoiselle in our hearts to banish her dark fate for ever more.
Time stands still for a moment, while a carefree young princess
who became a Dauphine carries us along in her royal wake.
An ode to her youth.


  This candle releases scents of bergamot,
tuberose, heliotrope and sandalwood.

A sublime combination of melon, cucumber
and spirulina with green tea.
Enjoy this fresh and fruity tea throughout the afternoon.

Box of 100g leaf tea : €23
Box of 20 tea bags : €22

* Beauté by Ladurée perfumed candles burn for 55 hours.
They are made of mineral wax and a 100% cotton wick.