Paris in Love

Something Sacha Guitry said
“In Paris, when you meet a woman in the street and look at her, you almost commit an infidelity”.
This sentence perfectly embodies the spirit of these two creations alluding to Paris.

This collection is a declaration of love to the city we love.
Paris is captivating, dignified, it dazzles. Capital of the Arts, our city is supremely elegant.
We pay tribute to it with a tea and candle that have notes which are both delectable and feminine.
Two rich symbols of Paris.


Paris is a dream where scrumptious delights are found
wherever you turn.  This black tea is like a delicious stroll
through the heart of the city, a blend with pungent notes of
cacao, caramel, almond and creamy biscuit. A delectable, well-rounded,
full-bodied tea, pleasant to enjoy during the day or evening,
in harmony with Paris, the city everyone dreams of.

Box of 100g leaf tea : 24
Box of 20 tea bags :


We took inspiration from what Victor Hugo said about Paris,
“To breathe Paris preserves the soul”.
The fragrance diffuses delectable plumes of almond, praline,
cacao and caramel, scents emanating from tea rooms and bakeries.
A sophisticated candle, its fragrance is light,
and as irresistible as a cloud of milk in a cup of tea.



PARIS IN LOVE Collection available from November 18th, 2019
at Thé&Beauté by Ladurée store - 232 rue de Rivoli, Paris 1er -
and online