Thé by Ladurée

Ladurée and tea have a shared history
that is inextricably linked with the history of Ladurée.
Our tea rooms are the ideal place to indulge your passion for tea...
Thanks to its history, tea is recognised as one of the world’s
most refined and elegant beverages.

Once the mainstay of the aristocracy,
it has gradually become enjoyed by people the world over.
It is now enjoyed across the globe, drunk from morning to night.
The way in which it is taken, however, varies according to local customs.
Tea is drunk variously piping hot or ice cold, with or without milk,
sweet or bitter, strong or weak, from a small bowl or a china cup.

In short, tea is a ubiquitous beverage that can accommodate all tastes and fashions.
Ladurée’s tea collection has been developed by leading experts in the field.
Created exclusively for Ladurée, our unique flavours are popular
with our customers throughout the world.
In recognition of this popularity and to promote our teas
to the widest possible audience,
we have decided to create a unique, dedicated brand.

The collection is divided into four categories:
special creations, classics, gourmet varieties and infusions.
In keeping with the Ladurée tradition and in line with our core values
of beauty and quality, particular emphasis has been placed
on the presentation boxes for this collection.
The aim is to ensure that our teas continue to gain popularity.