Bisous Collection

"Bisous" Tea

This tantalizing blend is powerful, vibrant, and sweet,
and tastes as if the flower of love had come face-to-face with the forbidden fruit.
A Chinese black tea with notes of hibiscus flower and apple.

Large leaf tea box : 34 € 
Small leaf tea box : 24 €

"Bisous" Candle

Get carried away on a delicate cloud as you are enveloped
by the aroma of sweet, sweet kisses.
This dainty blend combines flora, sugar, and spice,
with top notes of musk, cedar, iris, lily of the valley, hawthorn, and vanilla.
A truly irresistible scent.

56 €

"Bisous" collection available in "Thé &  Beauté" store
232 rue de Rivoli – Paris 1er 
Available from 22nd January 2018